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The true meaning of 'Connected'

WAVE - Wireless Alternative for Variable Environments - is replacing the “Send” button with a better solution. The world’s best mesh communication platform for mobile devices means that everyone can share and connect – whoever they are or wherever they are.

Connecting the world starts with a Wave.


The WAVE api automatically switches between hotspot and client modes in order to detect others in the mesh. When a client and hotspot node find each other, they will form a new mesh for people to join and share.

Hotspot Mode
Searches for others.
Client Mode
Once another hotspot is found,they will remain in hotspot mode.


If a node 'hears' more than one hotspot in client mode, it rapidly switches between them and acts as a router. This eliminates dropped connections and greatly improves sharing of content.

Node Switching
Routers will rapidly switch between hotspots.


If a node has Internet connectivity, they'll have the option to 'volunteer' their bandwidth into the network. This can be done through their cellular data, or the device may rapidly switch from the WAVE network to the Internet similar to routing nodes.

Internet Connection
This allows everyone to share and spread their connectivity.

Developing Apps With WAVE

Leverage the POWER of all of the other mesh apps running on WAVE.


Connect New Worlds

It is time to change the paradigm from “Always Connected to the Internet” and let everyone simply be “Always Connected” - to people, to devices, to our communities, to what matters in our world. WAVE connects smartphones even when the Internet and mobile data can’t.

Build Your Solutions

When people are connected via the WAVE mobile device HetNet Mesh platform, anyone can enjoy apps where there is no useable Internet coverage, or where data is prohibitively expensive, or where large files are involved, or where privacy and data security are important. Imagine what you can build , then build it on the WAVE platform.

Empower a New World

The WAVE Platform can connect the remaining 2/3 of the world and move us all from “Always Connected to the Internet” to “Always Connected”. We can open access to a vast new market and empower new communities to enjoy the same online experience that many people take for granted.