A Team of Teams


One of the things that I love most about YO.com and Left of the Dot is that we have a fantastic team of committed Lefties, and I know that every single one will always be there for any other Lefty.

When John and I first started the company we were two guys with a few others in our support team. Managing people was easy because we all sat together and we worked on the same things, albeit on different aspects of the projects.

As we grew we entered a phase where we had two teams: Maple Ridge and Khulna. We all worked towards the same goals but we are 14 hours apart in time zones and located on different continents. I have to admit that Bangladesh was a mystery to us, and I’m pretty sure that we in Canada were a strange bunch to Rakib and his people. In early 2013 Alan, John and I went to visit Bangladesh and over the course of a mind-searingly memorable week we became one team of 23 rather than 2 separate teams – it was a seminal moment for us and John still smiles when he talks about seeing all these people working on his specs.

Well now we are at another inflection point where we have multiple teams all working towards strategic goals. For example there are the mobile developers in Bangladesh, the people supporting the growth of our existing Travel Brands, the support people like Diana and Tracy who keep the wheels on the bus for John and I, and the new YO.com business team that we are assembling. All of the people involved are Lefties and they all still have each other’s backs, but now they also have their own team leaders and day-to-day colleagues on specific projects.

We are committed to maintaining our culture and values because they are the reason we are doing all of this in the first place, and for our dedicated readers you will know that our policy of open communication is based on those values. As we increase the number of people in positions of managing and leading others and as we bring on new Lefties, John and I will be focusing on making sure that all of our teams are aligned towards the same goals. Think of us as an army that is growing rather than a separate teams competing to win the Lefties League.

 So, as we go, we will all be able to shout “3 – 2 – 1 Lefties!” and know that we are one team.  

[Editor’s Note: Today being Remembrance Day here in Canada, the photo from this post shows a team of 5 Canadian Soldiers from WW1. Thanks go out to all the Veterans and Leaders who try to make this world a better place. Source: Flickr/Michelle Tribe]