YO! Privacy Policy

We know you have read lots of this stuff before for other apps. Mostly likely you just clicked away. We really want you to read this because we tried to make it easy to read. Our lawyers are angry because we didn’t use what they wanted to say but in the end we asked them if it was the same and they said “substantially, but…”. So here it is (without the “but”).

This tells you what we do with your stuff, your information, data, whatever you want to call it. It also says things about our relationship (there isn’t any) and some other things our lawyers said we had to put here (although they still don’t like how we said it).

We are Left of the Dot Media Inc. (dba YO! and yo.com), a company based in British Columbia, Canada. We like to call ourselves “YO!” or “yo” or any number of things except “hey stupid” – we don’t like that largely because we aren’t and we think we have developed something here that lots of people around the world can use. You are “you”, “You”, “YOU” are the person who downloaded the app and wants to read this (we tried “dude” and “dudette” but the stiff-necks wouldn’t go there.

YO! really is committed to protecting your privacy. We want you to feel free to express yourself within your community (within legal limitations please) and we are committed to allowing you to feel secure in your own private environment, putting you in control of what you share.

What personal information does YO! collect?

First, YO! believes in privacy. We are not at all interested in what you do or do not do with our application. The content of your communications are private and we never see them. Believe me we don’t want to. However, we do see some information regarding your activity. We have tried to keep that information to an absolute minimum in order to keep the system functioning and ensure you receive update notices. Below is a short description about what we do and do not keep. If you have more questions please try our helpdesk noted below. If that is insufficient, I am sure you are capable of finding a real human here to speak with.

YO! collects your name and e-mail address, and/or phone number when you contact us via our Support methods. We won’t use this email or phone number for marketing. The only list building we have done is for our initial notify me when you launch, and we only plan on inviting you once or twice. If you want to ensure you never hear from us, simply drop us an email or support ticket and we will scrub your name and number from any database we keep.. Simply put, we need this information to make the system work. If you ask us a question how are we suppose to go dig up the answer and let you know? What to listen to elevator music for 4 hours?

YO! also collects information from your device when you use the YO! app. All elements of your device that you give us permission to access are described during the download and sign up process of the YO! app. It should be noted here that you could use YO! entirely off the grid. You don’t have to register the app and give us your phone number. We do require you to enter your phone number if you opt for some of the Internet functionality contained within your app. This is requested to authenticate that you are who you say you are. By this, we mean that we are not checking a giant database of phone numbers. We use this phone number to send you an SMS to make sure your phone is in your possession and that you are not trying to impersonate someone else. No method is fool proof, but this goes a long way to prevent fraud. But we repeat, you don’t need to register and you can operate and install YO! entirely off the grid. How cool is that! (Note: if you use YO! offline, you will simply appear as an ‘Unknown Contact’ to other YO! users if you try and communicate with them).

Regarding, all of the permissions asked for when you install the app (yes, we know there are a lot). However, these are used by YO! only to make the system function efficiently. For example, the application requests access to your phone contacts. This is requested so that YOU can send messages to them. This data is not uploaded to our servers at any time. Another example is the request for access to your camera. This is to that YOU can use YO! to send photos. Your photos are not uploaded to our servers at any time. Most of these permission requests are so that you can use YO! on your phone.

So what data do we receive from your phone? Simply put, we receive the following data, all of which is used ONLY to ensure the functionality of the system.

Permission Requested Why We Need It
Device & app history

Retrieve running apps
We need this in order to see if you are running any Task Killers, which may cause problems with our application.
Find accounts on the device This is necessary to find which accounts to use, namely for syncing and importing YO! contacts (e.g., to import social contacts). We do not post to any social networks or these accounts
Add or remove accounts This is required to create a YO! account on your device and authenticate the account against your device.
Read your contacts We use this to tell you which of your friends have YO! installed on their phones, making it easier to communicate with them.
Modify your contacts This allows us to add a YO! button to your contact if they are a YO! user, making it easier to engage with these friends from anywhere on your device.
Precise location (GPS and network-based) We use this to help identify your hyperlocal network and provide you better service.
Receive text messages (SMS) Should you opt to register, we send you a text message to authenticate that you have control of the phone number and device you say you do, marking you as a known contact to others who have your phone number stored within their device.
Directly call phone numbers For your convenience, we have the ability to include a phone number in a conversation and allow you to ‘Call’ this number. You can also call known contacts directly from within the app. We do not call your friends – you call your friends.
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage We store your media received and archived conversations within your USB storage. This leaves more room on your device for efficient application usage.
Read the contents of your USB storage If you want to retrieve media from your device’s USB storage, including restoring archived conversations, we need to know what is there. We look at the file name, size, and file type and display this to you.
Access USB storage file system We allow you to send media to other YO! users that you have stored on your USB storage file system.
Take pictures and videos Core functionality of the app is sharing pictures and videos. YO! launches the camera to make it more convenient for you to capture media from within the app.
Record audio Core functionality of the app is allowing you to easily send recorded audio message from within the app. To capture this audio, we need permission from you to launch your microphone.
Wi-Fi connection information
View Wi-Fi connections We use this to see if you are on a YO! friendly WiFi network, and providing a better hyperlocal experience.
Device ID & call information
Read phone status and identity We need this so that we don't interrupt you while you are doing critical device tasks (like talking on the phone). Your Device ID helps identify you on the hyperlocal network if a user has chosen to block your messages. Your Device ID is not shared.
Manage document storage We need this to store and retrieve documents on the device should you want to share this media type.
Run at startup We need this to start the app to ensure you get any messages right away should you have been sent a message or media when your device was powered off.
Prevent device from sleeping If your phone is in the middle of receiving media (image, video, app, etc.), we need to ensure that the entire file is received without the process being interrupted. This permission grants us the ability to keep it open during transmission.
Disable your screen lock We use this to display an on-lock screen prompt for incoming messages for a quick view and reply. We also use it to disable the keylock for incoming calls, then re-enables the keylock when a call is finished or a quick reply has been sent.
Full network access This is core functionality. Without this we wouldn't be able to send your messages to your friends.
Control vibration To notify you of a message that you have received, we may vibrate your phone. We may also vibrate your phone for an in-app alert if it is something important.
Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi We use this to make it easier for you to change WiFi networks within the app or to re-establish you to a WiFi network after you have left an instant hotspot.
Allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception This is part of the core functionality that allows you to message users peer-to-peer within the app.
View network connections This allows you to view connections available while looking to see if there are any YO! Hotspots created nearby.
Pair with Bluetooth devices This is required for sending the app peer-to-peer over Bluetooth to another device. It is also required to pair with hands free devices while driving.
Access Bluetooth settings This allows the app to know if the device has any devices with which it is presently paired.
Draw over other apps This allows us to deliver the Alert Window for instant feedback from within any app. This makes for a better user experience.
Change network connectivity This is core functionality in that it allows the app to change from one WiFi network to a wireless hotspot or other similar projects
Create accounts and set passwords This permission allows us to create an account and set a password for you as you enter our Help and Support modules
Read sync settings This enables us to get you your messages and data files in the appropriate time.
Toggle sync on and off We use this to conserve background data and limit server calls while making sure your contacts are up to date.

So why do we ask for this data? The answer is to maintain functionality. For example, YO! allows downloads directly from another phone with the application (you do not have to go to any website). We call this both “sideloading” and “instant transfer” interchangeably. We have made every effort to limit any background data used by the application, but every now and then if you are connected to the Internet, your app will call home to see if there are more up-to-date versions of the app available. We may also aggregate anonymous data to better understand app usage (e.g., the size of the files you are sharing… and not the meta information or the files themselves). Most phones have the ability to disable background data if you really want to, but doing so may prevent us from keeping you updated with the most recent version. Your choice.

At no time do we collect any of the content of your message. We may collect the country location where you have sent a message, but this is only to see generally how broadly distributed the application has become. We do not collect, and are we not interested in collecting, your specific location.

At no time will we sell or otherwise transfer your contact information to sell you anything or to allow others to sell you anything. We may, however, use your contact information to advise you regarding updates and improvements concerning the application. Obviously, if a governmental authority makes a lawful request, we may be required to disclose the information we have. However, we have intentionally tried to minimize the information we have – and for an important purpose – you should feel comfortable that any issues regarding privacy are shared only by you and those to whom you send a message. Information you share hyperlocally peer-to-peer never passes through our servers meaning that even if we had a request for information, this communication is something that we have no way of knowing about.

If you contact our website, YO! uses a standard Internet technology called “cookies” to store and track visitor information/sessions. A cookie is a small text file that a server can automatically store on your computer and retrieve later. We ask your browser to place a “cookie” into a file on your hard drive when you visit our site. Each time you return to the site, the cookie is re-sent to us so that we may track which of our services you use and what content you view. In addition, we collect the Internet Protocol address of each visitor to our site, which is a number that can be used to identify your internet service provider, among other things. You can turn off “cookies” and tracking using your browser or other security software. We do not care. We have tried to ensure that doing so will not impact the quality of your visit to our site because we frankly feel your privacy is more important that our ability to see website metrics.

How to get more information?

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us through either Support@YO.com or by mail to: Unit #4, 20000 Stewart Crescent, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada,V2X 9V1


If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the problem language will be deemed to have never existed and everything else in the statement will remain – it will be like we never had the bad stuff in the first place. IF we forget or decide not to enforce something we can enforce, it will not be held against us and we have not waived our right to remember or later decide to enforce that right. Obvious no? You can’t assign your rights or obligations under this statement and it doesn’t matter how you try to undertake such an assignment – it will still be invalid unless we expressly agree in writing. We can however, freely assign this statement and our rights and obligations and we don’t have to ask your permission. Sorry, that’s the way it is. Oh, and this statement applies to you and anyone you give your stuff to when you die or if you go bankrupt and, assuming we agree, to anyone you assign it to. This is it. It’s our entire agreement and we are not agreeing to more. You can’t make us agree to any other stuff that’s not here and we can’t make you agree to any other stuff that’s not here. We don’t guaranty our stuff will work or that you will be happy with it – though we really hope you will be. We are not partners or members of a joint venture and what you do with our application is between you and whomever. It has got nothing to do with us. This statement is transmitted and agreed to electronically and there is no silly obligation that we actually print it out and sign it together – it is still binding. And, the laws of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada applies, without regard to any principles of conflicts of laws. If you have any beef with us, you need to come to Vancouver because any jurisdiction or venue (the place) will exist only there; nowhere else. Oh, and we get to change this stuff when we want. We will try to keep the thread as we are not trying to hide or obfuscate anything. However, if you don’t like what we do, then stop using our toys.

That’s it. No tricks, no funny business. We hope you enjoy the application. We only ask that you act responsibly - treat others as you want them to treat you. Be cool and enjoy the fact that you have earned the freedom to be you.