A New Way to Share and Connect

YO! is the world's first 'Off-Grid' messaging, sharing and content discovery app. Connect at high speeds without data or the Internet.

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    Discover, Share and Connect without the Internet

    Yo is the fastest way to discover the world around you from your mobile device.

    • Share images, texts and videos while you chat with friends
    • Share your blogs, your art, your humor, your views
    • Connect with your customers both online and offline

    All without having to rely on a data plan or Internet connection.


    Discover what’s making waves with the people around you without accessing the Internet. It could be the latest photos from the weekend, a video from last night’s concert, or the game you’re currently addicted to.

    Use YO! to publish the apps, videos, and photos that make you smile for people nearby to discover.



    Don’t let data costs or file sizes stop you from sharing what’s important. Whether you’re sending a new app to a friend or an entire photo album to family members, YO! makes it easy to share your favorite things instantly - regardless of connectivity or file size!


    Create new connections with YO! Start conversations with the people around you, whether you are on the beach, climbing the Andes or in a crowded stadium.

    YO! keeps you connected to the people that matter, wherever you are.