We’re excited to introduce the brand new version of YO!

It looks better and now you can DISCOVER, SHARE and CONNECT more easily.

We could bore you with all the technical mumbo jumbo but here are the main points.

Yo- let's connect

What’s New:

  • A sparkly brand-new logo and app design filled with fresh features.
  • Introducing the new redesigned Discover Wall! You can easily see what nearby people are sharing, which means you won’t miss out on new things coming every day!
  • Your profile can now hold up to 100 of your favorite items.
  • YO! now discovers people automatically. No swiping and searching for other HyperNet users. We find them for you, and let you know when new people join.
  • The technology behind YO! is more reliable, efficient and cutting edge than ever! We’ve got some really smart people working on it, and even we find it hard to keep up with the tech lingo!
  • Sharing from your phone with friends on YO! has never been easier. Choose to send to one or multiple friends, or publish to the discover wall with the tap of your finger.

What do I have to do before the upgrade? To give you a better YO! We’ve had to start fresh, which means:

  • When you get this shiny new upgrade, you will have to create a new profile with a new picture and username (who doesn’t love a fresh start sometimes?).
  • Save YO! friends to your phone address book to this list so can find them again later!
  • Save any text messages from YO! conversations that are important to you. (wedding proposals, first dates lingo etc).