Hiring, Hiring, and More Hiring


Wow! What a crazy month and a half here at YO.com.  It is now the beginning of December and we have just completed our onboarding with 5 new employees.  This month alone, we have increased our team in Maple Ridge by 50%.  We are now a team of 15 in Maple Ridge and 44 in Bangladesh, with both offices still actively recruiting.  That is incredible growth in a very short time.  Needless to say, my new role as Manager of Employee Experience has kept me busy these last few months with the whole recruiting and onboarding processes.

Between reading resumes, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and contract offers, there has been little time to breathe.  But that is okay, that is the way we like it around here. The harder we work the closer we come to reaching our goals.  It has been an incredible experience sharing the YO! story with all of our applicants. The positive feedback continues to amaze us and reinforce our belief that we have something special here, both with YO! and our company as a whole.  People want to be a part of YO! and that feels pretty darn good!

However, as John has mentioned in previous posts, there are times when this whole adventure feels like jumping off a cliff.  We are excited for this growth but apprehensive at the same time.  With such a rapid increase in number of employees here in Maple Ridge in such a short time period, many questions arise.

-Are we at risk of growing too fast? 

-How do we maintain the company culture and instill it in our new employees?

-How do we bring the new employees up to speed FAST with YO! so that they can start contributing in the way that we need them to?

-We’ve got a cool first 2 days of onboarding, just saying, but what does the first week, first month, etc. look like?

-How do we make sure to still value and recognize our veteran employees when it seems like so much time will need to be invested in our new employees?

-How do we squeeze 20+ bodies into our cozy 1500 sq. ft. office?  (Yes, we are going to be working closely together, figuratively and literally, over the coming months until we move to our new office)

A large part of my job in the coming months will be tackling these questions.  If you have been following along with our story, you may have noticed that company culture is very important to us.  We have a great foundation to build on, thanks to our co-founders Chris and John, but we recognize that culture does not just happen on its own, it takes effort, time and champions to drive it forward.  Some of the key elements that  are essential in maintaining our culture are the daily 10:10 huddles, office fruit & healthy snacks, morning boot camp twice a week, participating in Tough Mudder as a team, monthly potluck celebrations, beer o’clock on Fridays and our kick ass Christmas Party.

We have BHAGs not only with YO! but with our company internally as well.  We are striving to be the best place to work in British Columbia, in Canada, in the world…well, the world might be a bit of a stretch…but who knows what the future holds.

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