MWC 2015 is over, here’s our wrap-up

  After many months of planning and hours of plane rides , the YO! launch at the Mobile World Congress is over. Now that we have returned to our daily lives , it is impossible not to look back and reflect on the extraordinary results we had. So great was the acceptance that the application had in Barcelona, and so many people that now want to know our history and help us connect the millions of unconnected people , that only now , nearly two weeks after having returned, we have time to tell you how we did in the biggest technology and telecommunications event in the world. According to the press, the 2015 edition of the Mobile World Congress set a new record with more than 93,000 visitors who convened in Fira Barcelona (the event venue) over four days to do business, meet other users and share knowledge. Despite the size, it seems like MWC is one of the few remaining gatherings where it is still possible to meet either by accident or by pre-arrangements with peers, colleagues, influencers, customers and suppliers. The congress has grown so big that even scheduling meetings themselves proved to be a logistical challenge. However, we managed to be always on time and in the right place. Our team of twelve people, all dressed YO! green shirts, stood out from all the dark suits. Wherever we were we got attention. People kept asking about our company, where our booth was, and when they could go and visit . Then came the disbelief: ” Are you saying your application allows users to talk and transfer files between them without being connected to the Internet? How is that possible?”. After the explanation almost all said the same thing: “This is unbelievable!”; “This can be very useful in … “; or “This is the most interesting thing I’ve seen at this Congress”. All these phrases filled us, and continue to fill us even now, with much satisfaction. Before launching YO! to the world we knew we had something big in our hands; but after hearing all these peoples’s opinions and the desire they have for this new technology to succeed, we now know that we have taken a big step forward towards our goal: changing the way the world connects. We can’t wait to see what Mobile World Congress 2016 will bring us!