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How do you like them Apples?

Life has been busy as we push forward with Version 1.0 of YO! and our beta launch at the TC3 Telecom Council event in Silicon Valley. We had hoped to launch the app publicly at the event, but it just isn’t ready. And no matter how much we wish it

Making a difference where it matters

I love traveling. I’ve been fortunate to visit a lot of places all over the world in Asia, Europe and South America. And one of things I love about traveling is visiting new places for the very first time. It’s pretty much the same feeling you get when you were

To Patent or Not to Patent

We have spent a lot of time in recent weeks debating about whether “To Patent or Not to Patent” and I thought it would be good to share with you some of the arguments from both sides. Of course, it is important to look at the rationale and reason why the

Decision Made to Give our Users a Voice

“We need someone to look into Get Satisfaction and figure out if it will work for YO!”, John said as he looked directly at me during our daily group 10:10am meeting.  My direction for the day had just done a 180° switch from user tests on some of our other websites to working

Will Mobile Carriers Love us or Loathe us?

We ended the week with an interesting question that I have been pondering all weekend: “Will the mobile carriers and operators Love us or Loathe us?”. Where this question is important right now relates to our core metrics and one of the core benefits that we provide:  Users of the YO.com App

Starting a Movement: Making a Connected World a Friendlier Place.

I am not a designer. We have smart men and women who provide that particular skillset. However, I do have several criteria that I wanted on our website: It needs to provide the ability to download the app (this one is kind of obvious) It needs to be international (and showcase that

To Rebrand or Not Rebrand, That is the Question

First off, a belated Happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canadians. This remains the best country on the planet, and hopefully everyone had a chance to experience some of its Glorious-ness yesterday. Now on to today’s post and the issue of the day. Today was not a glorious day unto

Building a product that changes the world isn’t tough. But freezing your butt off in ice water, now that’s tough!

Ok, so my post last week about me not resorting to profanity very often turns out to be not true. For those who haven’t read that far back, I wrote: I don’t normally resort to profanity in my everyday speech. I was taught by my Grade 10 English teacher (thanks Mr. Anderson)

Everyone has an opinion on one of the other YO apps, so with due respect to Marc Andreessen, here is mine

Among the, cleverly orchestrated, babble about that other YO app (or Crappy Yo as we call it internally) the voice that stands out most clearly to me is Marc Andreessen. I will admit to some bias here because I have a deep respect for what Andreessen has achieved and for

The Other Yo Featured on Late Night TV

So the decision from our late night meeting the other day was simply to ignore the other YO as it is not competing with us from a feature functionality standpoint in any manner: they appear to be targeted towards highschoolers on the Jersey Shore who thought it would be cool

F^CK!, FU*K!, FU^K!, FUC%!, F^^K!

“Is that you guys on Tech Crunch?” “I thought the app was going to do more than that?” “Hey, Congrats on Launching!” “F^CK!, FU*K!, FU^K!, FUC%!, F^^K!” The first 3 quotes came from people from whom we are closely aligned or from whom we shared some of our plans for YO! and YO.com. And

The opportunity that lies ahead

“Wow, this could be something really, really big.” Those were my thoughts when I met Chris and John about a month ago and they described their vision of YO!.  They had given me the whole story - how the product idea came out from the engineering team back in Bangladesh, what their BHAG

Doubts from the Pessimist

Sometimes I'm told that my job description here at Left of the Dot is to make the printer work and sometimes it's to be the person that asks the hard questions.  With a project like YO!, it's definitely falling in the latter category. The biggest component of YO! is hyperlocal communication.  That

Coming soon, just not yet.

From the very beginning the vision has always been to communicate Yo.com and the YO! App across the many languages of our intended users - Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Korean… just to name a few. My job has been to find a way to make this happen. Our message is already

Coming Soon Page Coming Tomorrow

We’re almost coming soon! We’ve picked tomorrow as our unofficial launch day of our Coming Soon page. While many businesses simply throw up a generic boiler plate “coming soon” with launch sign up form on their chosen domain, we can’t do this with YO.com … Well, I guess technically we could,

Senior Mobile Product Manager Hired

Probably the biggest news of the week came today when we were able to reach a deal with a Senior Mobile Product Manager to help us champion YO! through launch and beyond. We are pleased to announce that we have hired Saju Abraham for what we hope will be the

Filing for Trademark Protection Under the Madrid Convention

One element that people rarely talk about when launching a brand is protecting it properly, particularly in jurisdictions that may not be as familiar as their own back yard. Thankfully, we’ve got good corporate counsel that has been able to walk us through some of the details around protecting the

Getting the Go Ahead from our Board of Directors

I’m writing this post on the flight back from San Jose, California, following an eventful 4 days in the heart of Silicon Valley. There will be a lot more to say in the coming weeks, about everything that has happened since flying down from our offices a few days ago,

Creating a BHAG that is going to be ‘Big’ and ‘Audacious?

I haven’t had much opportunity to write in recent years, other than the occasional blog post. I mean I’ve contributed to some of the content for our sites, but our marketing and content teams have really handled this side of our operations. But one thing that I do make sure I