Yes! Our first patent application is now filed

  In the YO! office we are big fans of Elon Musk and we love what he is doing with the patents that Tesla holds. In our current position we need to protect our inventions so that we can grow and change the world in our own way, hence our decision to follow the patent route. One day we hope to emulate Elon if our industry needs the same boost that his does. I have to say that the patent process is one of the most complex that I have seen in many years – and I have worked for Banks in England so I know about byzantine, historical based rules. Without the help of a fantastic patent Agent we would not have got remotely close to such a comprehensive and, hopefully, well-crafted document. I need to thank the team that worked so hard, provided insight into their expertise and learned so much along the way as we walked this path together. It is great to see such intelligence, ingenuity and skill recognised in the creation of this patent application and the amazing product that it describes. As a high growth business working in a fast paced world we tend to focus on what we are doing now in order to create what comes next. The patent process forced us to also look at what we have created and how that forms the platform for what we want to achieve. I was totally awed by the depth of thought and the subtle nuances that are already an integral part of the YO! product and how these stepping stones allow us to move forward with our mission of allowing everyone to connect and share. Of course the patent process does not stop here, the provisional filing has to go through many stages before we can put a certificate up on our wall, but this is a major event in our 4 ½ year history. We will constantly be pushing the boundaries and creating new intellectual property, some of these inventions may get added to the existing application, some may require a new filing, but that is for the future – for now, it is time for a beer, a game of Foosball and congratulations to everyone involved. I am proud of you all.