YO! and Yo.com Nominated for ‘Best New Concept’

  We’ve been nominated for a Small Business BC Award for Best New Concept. Nominees must be able to demonstrate that they have a “phenomenal and viable idea that’s going to make an impact.” Yep. That sounds like YO!   We would appreciate your votes to help us win this thing. Vote early, vote often: http://sbbcawards.ca/award/concept/yo-from-yo-com/   We like to win awards and it is not because we are competitive (we are, but that is besides the point). Winning feels good and rewards the team for their hard work throughout the entire process. So often when you are building something that takes a long time to get from point A to point B, it is hard to see the bigger picture.   Winning awards provides a quick glimpse into what others think of you, giving you validation about your work. In a way, this philosophy carries through our company down to our very core. We love to celebrate success and milestones.  
  • Having a birthday? Let’s get a cake!
  • Launching a new brand? Drinks for everyone!
  • New hire? Welcome to the company… Let’s get lattes!
  • Hit a new revenue high or performance target? Celebrate with a team lunch!
In fact, every day we have a team huddle that starts with us celebrating Good News, and on Friday’s  we offer up ‘Brags’. These are quick vocalizations during huddle from individual team members to other team members,  thanking/bragging for the work or effort provided by a co-worker. While a small thing, it is all part of the culture that we are used to and is part of who we are.   Which leads us to our second nomination, that being for our parent company Left of the Dot Media — we have been nominated for Best Workplace. Once again, we would appreciate your vote here: http://sbbcawards.ca/award/workplace/left-of-the-dot-media/   Why should you vote for Left of the Dot/Yo.com? Here is the nomination description:

In 2011, we physically moved the office to Maple Ridge from Vancouver, a rarity for tech startups, to let people work closer to where they live. This has saved a cumulative 4,200 hours of commuting for our 10 employees this year. Among the benefits of this are reduced stress, improved morale & being more attentive to family needs. It also means some Lefties can walk or cycle to work if desired.


In 2014, we had a private, company-paid bootcamp twice weekly at a nearby fitness center, culminating in 100% participation in ToughMudder™ Whistler—19km of running & obstacles. NO ONE WAS LEFT BEHIND. Training has started for 2015.


Furthermore employees get paid days off to help in their community, free healthy snacks whenever they want, on-site FoosBall/Darts to reduce stress, and great businesses to build. Daily huddles, open-book accounting, weekly brags, a pet-friendly office & flexible hours are part of our culture. But in the end, it comes down to people. Our people are the best.