YO! on KTVU FOX News!

 Our 15 Seconds of Fame on KTVU FOX News!

During a quick visit to San Francisco last week for the 2015 Post-Seed Conference, I had the pleasure of joining the KTVU FOX News team for an interview on their 9.00 am show. I did not have much notice prior to the appearance, and as this was my very first appearance on live television that probably helped me avoid getting too nervous. The hosts were lovely, and the team at KTVU made me feel right at home. We had a great conversation about YO!, which, apparently, was very popular with their viewers in the San Francisco and Oakland area. The interview itself felt like a whirlwind that only lasted a few seconds, but in reality we actually spent nearly 5 minutes talking about YO! and what we are trying to do.

The segment was designed to help travelers who are heading on vacation to areas that have limited or no internet connectivity, which lines up perfectly with what YO! does and why we do it. As the KTVU host pointed out, one of the first questions people ask when visiting a new place is “do you have Wi-Fi?” This was a great introduction to the need we are addressing with YO! and how we are going to change the world by offering people a way to connect and communicate without the need for a data plan or internet connection.

The central theme of the interview was the fact that people want to share with each other; wherever they happen to be. Several huge companies are trying to connect everyone to the Internet, but we were able to show that we are connecting people with each other. The truth is people run their lives from their smartphones, and when they take a photo on their vacation or a video of a family wedding, they want to share it with the people they are with, right then and there, in the moment. There are currently over 200 million people, in India alone, that have just purchased a smart phone for the first time, and they want content on their phones – YO! allows them to do that. I think this idea really resonated with the News team and hopefully sparked interest in the viewers to try YO! out for themselves.

By the end of the interview I really felt the hosts recognized what YO! can do and the potential we have to change the way the world connects. Now that my nerves have settled I have had a chance to enjoy my few minutes of fame, but my family are doing their best to ensure I don’t start to act like a star!

Thank you to the team at KTVU FOX News for treating me so well and allowing us to tell more people about YO!

You can watch my full interview with KTVU News above.