YO! Shines at Digital World 2015

  A few days ago our team in Bangladesh took on the world in showcasing YO! at the Digital World 2015 expo at the Bangabandhu International Convention Center (BICC) in Dhaka. The event has been organized by the ICT state ministry and BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) as a program to showcase the country’s progress in the digital world. While there still remains the final day of the expo, from the daily reports we are getting and the photos and videos being sent to us from the show floor, it looks like the event has been well received by thousands. The pre-show hype was calling for 500,000 attendees, and with lineups are around the block, I think they may be close to those numbers when all is said and done. The four teammates we have had at the event are being swarmed from show start to late at night, demonstrating and talking with curious onlookers (sometimes 5 abreast, 3 deep waiting to see what we are doing). Apparently, most are stopping after reading our booth text that reads our promise of “Share and Connect without the Internet.” Also over the past few days as part of the show, our Managing Director in Bangladesh, Rakibul Islam, participated in the Demo Day for Tech Rockers: ‘Demo Day’ will present the hottest and most innovative startups in the Bangladeshi ecosystem to visiting VC’s, who will have the option to fund them.

I was up until the wee hours of the morning here in Canada watching the live stream of the event and it was a great experience for Rakib and the team.

I am sure that we will have a lot of stories over the coming weeks and lessons learned from this show to share (or keep as a secret and use those lessons to rock Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in early March), but one of the most interesting to me was the report from Rakib that everyone was complaining about the super-slow Internet connectivity at the show, yet YO! was able to function and let people share and connect throughout the BICC.

To give you a little taste of what the show has been like so far, our team created this little video. Enjoy!